The Limerzel chestnut festival is a convivial moment where everyone can meet.

Volunteers offer games for children, tasting of chestnuts roasted over a wood fire, local producers who come to show you their products and even a fest-noz!

A tradition

The chestnut festival has been a tradition for 50 years, yes 50 years!

It’s a friendly moment, of sharing, around the various animations, such as the wooden games for children, the localproducers, a photo contest, the grilled chestnuts stands, not to mention the crepes and galettes stand!

There was plenty to do this Sunday, in Limerzel, we took a tray of châtaignes and watched how the châtaignes were cooked over a wood fire, right in the earth, it was great!”

Chestnuts and other delicacies

Walking around the multipurpose hall and the old presbytery in Limerzel, you could find an animation about apple juice. It was made right in front of our eyes, thanks to a great machine and… arms! It was great to see how apple juice was made back in the day! After buying a bottle oflocal apple juice, we went to the crepe makers for a little chestnut cream crepe, a delight! We then stopped in front of a funny contraption, the cabaretcyclette, a musical carousel!

An autumn day

We also stopped in front of a wickerwork workshop, they were using the techniques of the past, what a talent! By the way we learned that basketry was still used in the commune, a nice tradition.

It was a very pleasant day, with a lot of entertainment, good odors and nice colors.


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