The Cubik Circle

The Imaginary Arts Symposium

The Cubik Circle offers you a magical event, between meeting the artists and workshops. Come and try to understand the philosophy of the art of the imagination and enter the world of these artists.


with the artists

This event offers a day of encounters with artists and this, in any form!
It is a real moment of exchange and sharing around this Artistic world. All these works are extraordinary, there are so many different ways to interpret them.
I loved talking to the artists, being able to tell them what I see and have them tell me what they saw themselves. It was rewarding!

A journey


I think it was really a privilege to be surrounded by these fantastic, contemporary, visionary artists. To be able to see them work and to have this closeness with them, even without necessarily exchanging, it’s a great moment, very interesting.
Their world is specific, we can think that it doesn’t appeal to everyone. But whatever the age or your generation, dare to approach their world, you can not be disappointed.

“Dare, approach, reach out and open your eyes”
This is the motto of these new Cubik Circle meetings


a choice of orientation

The name of this event was not chosen by chance, it has the meaning of making you a real questioning and analyzing the current arts in order to allow everyone to learn to develop its reflection and our understanding of the world.
Thus, this appointment proposes to put forward different themes of the imaginary worlds focused on “our condition of being Human”.