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Thursdays of the Slope

in Rochefort-en-Terre

Let us make you want to spend your evening at the Slope Cafe!”

A moment of relaxation, concert and joy, without moderation!

Les Jeudis de la Pente

Apéros concerts

After spending the afternoon strolling around Rochefort-en-Terre, I decided to spend my evening at the Café de la Pente, which offers apéros concerts in the garden every Thursday in the summer.
It was in a festive and good-natured atmosphere that I spent my Thursday evening.

The programming of the Café de la Pente

Café de la Pente

His story

In March 2004, the Common Pot inaugurates Le Café de la Pente, which is an associative café in which bar, concerts, conferences, exhibitions, organic markets and other activities take birth.
It hosts associations and has expanded its scope of actions in a desire to involve, mutualize and participate in a richer blossoming.

The Common Pot and the Café de la Pente thus define an experimental framework where they welcome, develop and host any form of initiative or collective practice that preserves or strengthens the social bond of solidarity.
All of these activities are based on active, participatory volunteerism.

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A café

but not only …

I loved spending my evening at the Café de la Pente which is located in the old town, I was able to meet new people, invite my friends and return with my family. It’s an atmosphere where adults and children alike flourish, a small open-minded, participatory and ecological world.
It is possible to eat there, the set up is very well thought out and the volunteers are pleasant. I strongly advise you to reserve your Thursday evening to come and see this café which proposes several groups all as nice as the others, and maybe you will end up reserving all your Thursday evenings.