Nature outings and workshops

For the young and the curious

Outings and workshops 100% nature

Let yourself be guided in the heart of a generous nature, discover the fauna and flora, around the pond of Moulin Neuf, on the Grées, in our villages of character… The Questembert area is rich in varied landscapes and a preserved environment, the ideal setting for immersive walks in the heart of nature. Treat yourself to beautiful moments resourcing in a green setting.




Nature is all living things, animals and plants, and the environment in which they are found. All these elements make us alive, the basis of our life, our laughter and our joys. The proposed outings and workshops give you the opportunity to reconnect with all these elements, and enjoy the present moment.

Unusual and friendly walks, workshops and nature walks, crafts around nature or get interested in the powers of flowers.
All these associations offer you the means to learn more about what surrounds you.
Walking, cooking, creating … All accompanied by qualified and passionate people!