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EscapeOn the hiking trails

Walks and hikes

Want to go green? We propose you more than 300 km of walks and hikes in Rochefort-en-Terre and its surroundings. Enough to satisfy all lovers of walking, mountain biking or horseback riding, sporty or not! A pleasant way to discover our beautiful countryside, its landscapes and its heritage (fountains, chapels, mills, viewpoints?).

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Hike sheets

Labelled circuits

More than 300 kilometers of paths are accessible to experienced hikers, but also to beginners and families. On the 13 municipalities of Questembert Community.

The circuits arelabeled by the Federation of Hiking and marked in yellow. Some longer and more technical circuits have in addition the bike marking.

Each circuit is presented in the form of a sheet with a map, the description of the route, the marking code, the level of difficulty and the remarkable points.

  • Sheets for sale: 0.50€/unit in our reception offices
  • Downloadable online for free (see the tours above, then click on the blue “Print PDF” button).
Respect nature

The hiker's charter

Adopt the right gestures while hiking to preserve the environment and biodiversity.

Favour soft transport

Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. Choose carpooling, public transportation, cycling or walking to get to your destination.

Stay on the trails

Stay on the paths to avoid trampling the species and clean your soles to avoid planting seeds or sprouts.

Respect the fauna and flora

Don’t pull out any flowers, but learn to recognize the flora and fauna in their natural environment.

Recover your waste

The best waste is the waste we don’t produce. Pick up and take your waste with you.

Do not light a fire

Fire is a danger for the hiker and for nature. Do not smoke and respect the instructions and in case of fire, call 18 or 112 .

Be discreet

Wild animals are not used to hearing our noises. Stay quiet to have a chance to see them. Never touch a young animal, its mother would abandon it.

Keep your dog on a leash

We think of him as a friend, wild animals think of him as a predator! For the comfort and safety of all, keep your pets on a leash.

Close the gates

On the paths, we are often on other people’s property. Please remember to close fences and gates after you leave.

Travel with a free mind

& the light bag