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Whether you are passing through or living in the area, do not hesitate to come and discover the store of the Tourist Office of Rochefort-en-Terre.

You will find a wide choice of items: local products, games and stuffed animals for children and many books for young and old. Books about the village, the legends and emblematic characters of the small city of character (Naïa the Witch…), the Country of Questembert, nature, Brittany, painters, the Most Beautiful Villages of France…

There is something for every taste and every purse!

Want to offer

local products

The Tourist Office offers many products from the Questembert area: cider, apple juice, lemonade from the Atelier de la Pépie in Pluherlin, craft beer from the Brewery “La Bambelle” in St Gravé.

You will also find herbal teas, Spirulina from “Morbih’algues – Le Home d’Ys” in Étel as well as various mustards with seaweed. Orders are made directly with local producers.

Have you thought about the gift basket with local products? It is the ideal gift for all occasions.

Souvenir ticket and

Monnaie de Paris

Currency, ticket or both?


After the Paris Currency, Rochefort-en-Terre now has its Souvenir Ticket. This new ticket, which depicts the Place du Puits, is on sale at the Office de Tourisme of Rochefort-en-Terre and Questembert, at only 2€.


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