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Travel books & watercolors

in Rochefort-en-Terre

Rochefort-en-Terre classified among the Most Beautiful Villages of France ® inspire many artists, painters, drawers … Its exceptional heritage, its charming alleys.

We propose you to discover one of these artists Cécile Buchet said “Buce” watercolorist notebook artist. She specializes in the art of travel books … A real passion !


The art of the travel journal

Drawing to immortalize the moment

The travel journal is a sweet mix of texts, illustrations and especially feelings. It is the account of a experience in meeting the other and oneself.

A travel companion for artists, the notebook bears witness to a moment, to a crush! It allows us to explore the territories of heritage or intimacy, capturing the essence of our world to keep the memory. The notebook crosses the centuries to tell us the most beautiful pages of a journey in humanity.

The travel book is a way to immerse yourself in the places you visit. Preferring to “sketch in situ or on the spot”, the travel book has become indispensable to me during my more or less distant wanderings, in search of places according to my desires of the moment.

Cécile Buchet alias Buce

Meeting an artist

Buce notebook and watercolor artist

A native of Auvergne but Breton by adoption, Cecile Buchet aka “Buce” fell under the charm of Rochefort-en-Terre and its region, inspiring as can be… She now lives there for many years.

Drawing since her childhood, self-taught, watercolor was very quickly imposed on her, as an evidence. She indulges her passion for watercolor in travel books that never leave her. So at the bend in the alleys of Rochefort-en-Terre, in the park of the castle… she “sketches” impressions, around the stone cities, the flowering, the places of memories…

She loves to share this passion with her friends of the group Les Croqueurs du Pays de Questembert, which she founded, and also those in the Urban Sketchers Vannes group. These groups are places for drawing enthusiasts to exchange ideas. The pleasure of sketching, drawing or painting together and sharing one’s work…

Find out more of her designs on her accounts:

Watercolor Stroll

in Rochefort-en-Terre

Buce has produced a book “Balade en Aquarelles dans Rochefort-en-TerreEditions de Matignon, in travel book format brings together numerous watercolors that the accompanying text encourages to be rendered in the pleasant setting of a bucolic stroll and discovery of this beautiful city of character. This book is on sale at the shop area of the Tourist Office as well as at the Sainte Hortense Bookstore.

She is also very fond of seascapes and animals. Over time, watercolor has become “a pictorial reflex”. She has also produced a notebook, Sensitive… and yet, which won the Fernand Méry Art Book Award 2020. With this book, the artist “wishes to raise awareness about the animal condition.”

Some of these works are on display and offered for sale at the Maison des Artisanes in Rochefort-en-Terre.