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To the discovery

of Questembert

Discovery of Questembert’s heritage

for young and old…

Go on a discovery tour of the various elements of Questembert’s heritage. Walk through these historical places in the company of a guide from the Questembert Heritage Association who is passionate about it, for about 1.5 hours.

Tend your ear the guide will tell you all about it…

The visit of a passionate person



“Being a new resident of Questembert, I often go for walks in order to discover its heritage and its specificities. During one of my walks I was able to talk with a questembertois who told me that there were guided tours of the city of Questembert. Registration made at The Office of Tourism of Questembert, we leave for a visit with Eliane Le Roy and Marie-Flore Collas, 2 guides of the Association du Patrimoine de Questembert, and about ten visitors.

The meeting place was in front of the Office of Tourism, I had absolutely no idea that the Office was going to be our first place of visit. We were exceptionally able to go up to this old inn! It was definitely worth it!”

Visitor's word

I learned a lot about the heritage, and history of the city, great!

Local producers' market

Under the Halles


and colors

“The Monday morning market is really great, it’s really big and you can find everything! I’ve known about it for a while and I recommend it. On the other hand, I learned during the guided tour that there was also a market on Wednesdays at the end of the day! It’s a market where you can find the local producers of the surroundings, it’s very nice! And it allows you to know local products, I was actually able to taste an excellent bread, that of Anthony (succulent), with cheese from Christelle and Mickaël (the farm of Kerbizien), you can go there with your eyes closed!


and architecture

The visit


“We continued the tour, to discover the tower and Belmont Park (not to be missed), the washhouse and the fountain of the old presbytery (the guides even had period photos!). Of course we couldn’t do a heritage tour without discovering the Church of St. Peter, the bell tower, in Gothic style, is 55 meters high and was finished in 1895. It is very imposing and dominates the city.

As you wind through the narrow streets the guides will share many anecdotes and show you hidden details: gargoyles, white stones on some facades, street names…Tend your ear