©Rudy Burbant

Apéro pedal boat

on the pond of Moulin Neuf

Having an aperitif is the best way to get together, with friends or family, to discuss everything and anything around a table. But have you ever done it in the middle of a pond, on a pedal boat?

An aperitif

insolite & nature

With my friends we heard about an “Apéro pédalo”, knowing that we like to take the aperitif a lot… We were all seduced by the idea of having it on the water with a beautiful setting! Surrounded by greenery, birds singing, a moment of nature, relaxation and change of scenery.
Moreover I learned that the proposed products were local products, which allowed us in addition to discover the products of the region.
It is possible to take an aperitif with or without alcohol as well as with or without meat.

The products


In this little basket there were, as I told you good local products, yes but which ones?
To our great surprise, it already started with the basket! A Vannière from Saint-Gravé, herself made the basket that contained our aperitif, Valérie Robichon.
It was possible to choose a sausage or a goat cheese from Caden.
We also had a vegetable and seaweed-based pot spread from Etel and as a drink either apple juice from the Pepie Workshop from Pluherlin or the succulent beer from La Bambelle or white or red wine!”

It is fair to say that the choices are varied, there was something for everyone.



An evening

at the Moulin Neuf pond

We were able to book this our pedal boat aperitif at the leisure base, Moulin neuf Aventure.

After this great experience we took the opportunity to go and eat at l’Auberge du Moulin Neuf which is a partner of this aperitif on water. What a way to end this evening in beauty!
We were all delighted and we will do it again next year without hesitation.