Nature walk on the Grées

with Saute Ruisseaux

Sensory nature walk “Landes, slates and company”

On family vacation near Rochefort-en-Terre, I had the urge to discover this pretty territory “differently”.
It was in a brochure from the Office of Tourism that I then found this walk, proposed by the Saute Ruisseaux association.

Wanting to

Visit differently

The description titillated my curiosity, the date corresponded to our vacations, the price was within our budget, the walk was adapted to the whole family (children from 7 years old) but no meeting place! That’s how the 1st contact with Saute Ruisseaux was made; to find out the meeting place, we had to call, register and a 1st link with Melanie was created.

On the day of the walk we met Melanie at the indicated place, in Rochefort-en-Terre. Good shoes, small bottles of water, small snack, we had followed her advice to fully enjoy this nature walk. We are not numerous and it is a wish of Saute Ruisseaux, in order to offer to each one times of exchanges, of connection to the others, to the nature and to oneself.
After a presentation of its association (what beautiful projects!), we leave on the paths…

A stroll

Full of surprises

A former guide of Rochefort-en-Terre and child of the country, Mélanie takes pleasure in telling us about the history of the village. But she does not do it in the manner of a “traditional” guide; observations are proposed, she asks us questions, makes us think, question and so we exchange, all together. Then we leave the village to find ourselves in the middle of nature. Wow, bowl of air, in front of us, a green tunnel!
There, Melanie proposes us a game where we cannot use our eyes! Only touch and smell are our allies. Laughter guaranteed, challenge between adults and children; I live the pleasure of a light moment in family, led by our nature guide. We leave on the paths, exchanging here and there information on different plants.
Melanie takes out from her backpack some boxes-slides, identification cards, stories, photos; this bag is a trunk of treasures for children…and for adults!”



Then, our guide suggests that we take some height. Indeed, we climb a little! And again, the surprise is there! We left the cocoon space of the wood to find ourselves on top of the Grées, the shale hills, which offer us a magnificent view! This is the moment that Melanie chooses to talk about the Klots family, whose castle we see.
We take a path that leads us to the moors, the life of yesterday and today in these moors, dear to Brittany, is told to us, illustrated by amazing photos, postcards and maps.

Then it’s time to go back down! The time passed quickly, 2h30 outside and I feel the benefits, the well-being of having spent this time in the middle of nature. We go back to the starting point but Melanie proposes us a last sensory experience which will prove to be very surprising. To go to the top of the trees, without our feet leaving the ground! How to do this? We realize the experience, more introverted than the others.
I hear the laughter, the comments of my family, the group, new sensations that reconnects us to nature and to ourselves.
A beautiful experience to live!”