The Peepi WorkshopA cider and lemonade factory

Cider from the Atelier de la Pépie

It was created in 2009, after spending 3 years on the Kerlac farm.
The workshop moved to the commune of Pluherlin, not far from the Favorite Village of the French in 2016, Rochefort-en-Terre.
Anaïs and Jean-Marie, agricultural engineers by training, have taken over from Benoît in 2018, who had created L’Atelier de la Pépie in 2009. It was chance that led the couple to take over this activity having then as a wish the market gardening.

The first year, Jean-Marie undertakes a cidricultural training within the CFPPA of Robillard and the couple will be accompanied by Benoît for the transition. That year, the choice is made to keep all the products and take the time to get to know the customers. In 2020, Bissap Menthe is created.




Organic and local

The cider house offers half-dry, brut and even extra brut ciders!
You can also find apple juice, chouchen,limonade pure lemon juice and cane sugar or bissap mint, plus all their products are certified in organic farming.

Sensitive to ecological values, the structure is committed to respect for the environment. Thus, the production is organic, the bottles are consigned just like the crates, the labels are washable and most of the apples are local. The apple pomace produced is given to a farmer for feeding to his dairy cows.


Xavier's walks in

The workshop of the peep

Atelier de la Pépie - Balades de Xavier
Atelier de la Pépie - Balades de Xavier
Atelier de la Pépie - Balades de Xavier
Where to find

their products?

You can go directly to L’Atelier de la Pépie, where their own store is located, during opening hours.
Or La Pépie themselves deliver their products to organic food stores, producers, farms, restaurants or even bars around Lorient, Rennes and even Nantes.
You can find their products in organic stores such as the Halle Terre Native in Questembert.

You can also find their products in our boutique, or at L’épicerie de chez Violaine!