good artisanal ice creams

Greed to the greed. Ice creams, sorbets in cones or in pots, come and taste the best ice creams of Rochefort-en-Terre. You are sure to find your happiness!

Where to taste

a good ice cream?

The Terrace

More like ice cream or fruity sorbet? Make your choice on the Saint Michel street, at the Crêperie et Glacier La Terrasse, which will offer you delicious artisanal ice creams with various tastes and flavors!

In particular, you will be able to taste original flavors such as apple cider, apple tatin, gingerbread and of course salted butter caramel!

A plus: these ice creams are made in the Morbihan and the milk used comes from the farmneighbor!!

The choice is yours…

The Gourmet Art

Come taste flavors of the past and present at L’Art Gourmand, a former post office relay of the 16th century located not far from the Place du Puits.
Chocolates, nougat, fruit jellies, candied fruits, ice creams and cookies will make everyone happy. Next to the store area, enjoy a good drink with these delicious cookies and chocolates in the tea/coffee room.

Their ice creams are artisanal and made in Morbihan. These ice creams can be accompanied by whipped cream or chocolate coulis…Delicious!