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The Kouign-amann

of Rochefort-en-Terre

This butter cake is the most generous, crispy, melting and comforting. It is good, even very good, just the smell is a joy for the nostrils. It is the soul of Brittany!

The recipe for


The traditional and typical

Brittany butter cake

The Kouign-amann (literally butter cake in Breton) was born in 1860 in a bakery in Douarnenez. And believe it or not, it is the result of pure chance! One day, when the bakery was crowded, there was nothing left to sell. But, in order to satisfy his customers, the baker started to make a cake with what he had on hand: butter, sugar and bread dough. The Kouign-amann was born!

The recipe is very simple. You needone-third flour, one-third sugar and one-third butter. First, we spread the butter on a sheet. Then, we put the dough on top. Then you just incorporate the sugar before starting the puffing (the most technical part).

Salt, butter and a caramelized bottom, a recipeknown worldwide that has not finished making fierce the Bretons.

Today, there aremany declinations, but the real Kouign-amann is always plain!

Where to buy

A good Kouign-amann ?

Le Puits des Gourmandises

At Rochefort-en-Terre

This store located at Place du Puits in Rochefort-en-Terre offers throughout the year delicious plain or apple Kouign-amann but also Far Breton, Galette Breton, Palet Breton and other cookies in an exceptional setting. Manufactured on site.

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