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Jean-Luc Mignon

Leather creation

Artisan leatherworker in Rochefort-en-Terre

Jean-Luc Mignon craftsman of art invites you to discover his workshop “Création Cuir” located rue St Michel in Rochefort-en-Terre “Small city of character”. Creation and manufacture of purses, belts, wallets, bracelets, hair clips and other leather accessories…

Jean-Luc Mignon
He likes
  • The quality
  • The Human
  • Share your passion
Open the door of his workshop and

discover his universe

Quality leather creations

Made by hand

Installed in Rochefort-en-Terre since 1998, Jean-Luc Mignon is one of the figures of the village. Artisan creator, he makes many accessories from quality leather:

  • belts,
  • purses and wallets
  • wallets
  • bracelets
  • hair clips
  • bags and clutches…

Many colors, from the most classic to the most original, are offered:

  • classic colors: black, brown in several shades, gray.
  • original colors: several shades of red, orange, blue, green..

He has a credo

Sell only what he makes

Jean-Luc Mignon likes to share his know-how and his passion for leather, a noble and authentic material that sports a natural patina over time.

He has independence and freedom pegged to his body, “it’s precious,” Jean-Luc stresses. “Living with the little things I make (belts, purses, bracelets…) is extraordinary today!”

Jean-Luc's approach

“It’s good for business, but humanly speaking, when there are a lot of people in the store and you’re alone, it’s complicated to manage! So, I often close the door and go to blow a quarter of an hour to better return”.


Practical side

Création Cuir

Open year-round
(weekends in off-season)

6 rue Saint Michel

56220 Rochefort-en-Terre

02 97 43 41 67

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