L'Atelier d'Arz

L’Atelier d’Arz

Boutique of creative artists located on one of the most beautiful place of Rochefort-en-Terre “la place du Puits”. About fifteen creators and as many universes to discover!

Let yourself be seduced by this

Collective of creative artists

Original creations

An eco-responsible and zero-waste approach

Created in 2017, the Atelier d’Arz is now an important player in the landscape of creative heritage in Rochefort-en-Terre.

At the sources of this initiative, Sonia Le Cointe set up this project in order to give visibility to sometimes hidden artists.

Rochefort-en-Terre,land of artists was the ideal anchor for Sonia’s project. Thus the collective now has about fifteen atypical and passionate creators, all living between Rennes, Nantes and Vannes.

Following this, the collective wishes to continue to be part of the dynamic of bringing to light the artisana by working in concert with other artists and craftsmen.

A great diversity of creations

L’Atelier d’Arz is an association that brings together creative artists from the region. It welcomes creative artists of various universes who work with different materials:

  • leather (bags, purses, jewelry, card mats…)
  • wood (vases, kitchen utensils…)
  • slate (cgourmet coffees, cheese board, home decor…)
  • cardboard, fused glass and mosaic
  • fabric (sewing, zero-waste creations, maxi chèche…)
  • ecological cosmetics (soap…) and Saffron
  • ceramic (pottery)
  • sculpture with salvaged materials
  • Original acrylic jewelry
  • painting and drawing (canvases, postcards, illustrations, porcelain painting)…

In a clever mix of know-how and passions.

Sonia's approach

“I set up this project “l’Atelier d’Arz”, in order to give visibility to sometimes hidden artists. The whole being part of an eco-responsible approach and around the zero waste craft.

Sonia Le Cointe

Practical side

The Arz Workshop

Open year-round
consult schedules

7 place du Puits

56220 Rochefort-en-Terre

06 41 82 79 52



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