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Marilys and Eric

Workshop Le Passe Nuages

Painting workshop in Rochefort-en-Terre

Installed since 1996, in the heart of Rochefort-en-Terre “Petite Cité de Caractère”, Marylis and Eric work mainly with oil and watercolor. These two painters invite you to push the door of their workshop Le Passe Nuages. They will be happy to show you their creations.

Marilys Douvisi and Éric Bouancheau

Marilys and Eric have been painters for over 30 years. At the time students in Psychology and History, their common attraction for painting and imaginary worlds decided them to make their passion, their job.

They like
  • The imaginary worlds
  • The painting
  • Share their know-how
Enter a

imaginary world

A poetic universe

Figurative painting turned to the imaginary and the onirism

Before settling in Rochefort-en-Terre, they were exposed there in the early 90s. It was in 1996, that they found their current studio.

Marylis and Eric are two painters, working mainlyoil and watercolor.

Their time which seems suspended to them in the “Petite Cité de Caractère” and the landscapes of the Grées are a perpetual source of inspiration. Nature also holds a good place there through the marsh, the woods and the forests.

Playful and aerial worlds

In their paintings, the characters, somewhat timeless, often occupy only a rather small place and evolve in a benevolent nature, a reminder of the importance of the latter and of the need for human beings to live in harmony with it.

The mist, the blur, the little anchoring of the subject to the ground suggest the fragility and transience of beings and things. This ephemeral character does not prevent an optimistic vision because the characters represented seem joyful, resolute, play music, juggle, dance.

Maryline and Eric feel they have a privilege to create, invent and be able to express themselves by virtue of being artists.

Marylis and Eric's approach

“In our studio, we practice figurative painting, resolutely turned towards the imaginary and the dreamlike. Our two inspirations, at the same time close and different, answer each other. Through playful and aerial worlds we like to bring together the dream and the unusual.

Marylis and Eric

Practical side

Le Passe Nuages

Workshop open daily in July and August,
off-season by appointment, feel free to call

3, chemin du Tertre

56220 Rochefort-en-Terre

02 99 91 09 77 / 07 71 78 14 66


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