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Patrice "Pit" Hubert and Manu Van H

Naïa Museum

The arts of the imagination in Rochefort-en-Terre

Discover the fantastic universe of Patrice “Pit” Hubert and Manu Van H and that of many other artists within the Naïa Museum, which they founded. Located in the park of the castle of Rochefort-en-Terre, this museum-gallery of the arts of the imagination has some great surprises in store for you!

Patrice "Pit" Hubert and Manu Van H

PATRICE HUBERT known as "Pit" grew up in Rennes, a metropolis that is just as vibrant in terms of culture. Upholsterer decorator of formation, it forms in autodidact with the art which makes today its notoriety. It is in 2003, that he launches his series of sculptures.
MANU VAN H spends his childhood in Brussels, thus bathing in a very varied cultural and artistic breeding ground. This will lead him to a Diploma in Advertising - Graphic Arts.


They like
  • The fantastic
  • The Human
  • The unusual
The fantastic at the heart of

their artistic approach

Manu and Pit the founders of the Naïa Museum

Musée & galerie des arts de l’imaginaire

Manu and Pit opened the Naïa Museum in 2015, both of them coming from a strong background. It was by chance that they met the mayor of the time that they arrived in Rochefort-en-Terre. The latter wanting to give his village, a cultural dimension by the creation of a museum.

The two artists find their sources of inspiration in everything around them with influences from the worlds of fantasy, science fictionand European underground cultures.

Manu Van H painter and cartoonist

Her universe is that of the human, the image and therefore the connections between the emotion and the intellect.

The World of Manu Van H

Patrice “Pit” Hubert, metal sculptor

As for Pit, the line and the material are the two components of his artistic process. His self-taught, visionary hands shape structures where steel pulsates and curves become stings. In a mobile and respiratory game, between shadow and light, steel, textile or glass, he telescopes the inert and the organic, infuses kinetics into the very heart of metal. Review the The Great BaZH.Art show devoted to Pit’s creative process.

The world of Patrice “Pit” Hubert

Rochefort-en-Terre an artistic city

They appreciate Rochefort-en-Terre, for the heritage preserved there and its artistic past. Their qualities as artists allow them to combine passion and independence. Thus, they give a great place to learning, to perpetual movement, all in a permanent questioning.

In the future, they wish to continue to make the Naïa Museum evolve by developing the gallery part to address art lovers. But also to be part of transmission through Masterclasses.

Manu and Pit's approach

“The Naïa Museum’s vocation is to arouse curiosity and emotions in its visitors. We wish to through our artists’ approach and the works of the exhibited artists (of which we are a part), open up awareness of other possible realities.”

Manu and Pit
A small video preview of

The world of the Naïa Museum

Naia Museum. April 4th 2020
Naia Museum. April 4th 2020
Naia Museum. April 4th 2020

Practical side

The Naia Museum

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Parc Du Château
14 Rue Du Château

56220 Rochefort-en-Terre

02 97 40 12 35



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