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by Serge Doceul

Artist painter

Artist painter in Rochefort-en-Terre

Serge Doceul lives and works in Rochefort-en-Terre, Petite Cité de Caractère de Bretagne. Come and discover his paintings, superb oil paintings on canvas, in his workshop-exhibition located in rue St Michel.

Serge Doceul

Painter born in Cordemais in Loire-Atlantique (44) on the estuary of the Loire, between Nantes and St-Nazaire, was from childhood attracted by the landscapes of the marshes, between land and sea, living at the rhythm of the tides, the big skies and the west winds. Painting entered his life when he was about ten years old through private lessons with a painter. It is the interest of others that pushed him to work.

He likes
  • The sea
  • The poetry
  • The fantastic
The sea at the heart of

his artistic approach

The seascapes of Brittany make his reputation

His technique: oil painting exclusively

Professional artist, Serge Doceul welcomes you to his studio-exhibition in Rochefort-en-Terre since 1992.

His work focuses on the great skies charged with the Loire estuary with uncertain lights, the meadows covered by the tides, the seascapes of Brittany, especially the storms which make his reputation. This artist-painter has no equal in rendering the strength and light of the raging sea.

Inspired also by imaginary worlds

He also likes to venture to the imaginary worlds of the city of Ys, a Breton city that disappeared into the sea. We find there the lost cities of visionary painters, the cosmic skies of science fiction, the paradises of fantasy or children’s dreams, unstable universes that resist time, fragile and indestructible. Everything in his painting undoubtedly recalls the essence of Breton mythology.

A recognized painter

Today, Serge Doceul’s reputation is well established.

His paintings have been exhibited in Germany, the United States, London (Mall gallery) and retained by the Royal Society of Marine Artists.

The artist is listed in the “Drouot-cotation guide” published by Larousse and referenced in “the French dictionary of painters of the sea and navy”. Some books have devoted several pages to his work: the “gazette diplomatique de Bruxelles”, the “guide des peintres de Bretagne” and “les ateliers d’arts en Armorique”

Come and discover his works in his exhibition studio in Rochefort-en-Terre. The artist welcomes you there in all simplicity, remaining accessible to the greatest number.

Meeting in video

with Serge Doceul

Portrait d'artiste - Serge DOCEUL 2020
Portrait d'artiste - Serge DOCEUL 2020
Portrait d'artiste - Serge DOCEUL 2020

Practical side

Serge Doceul workshop

Open during tourist season,
out of season possible to make appointment

3, rue Saint Michel

56220 Rochefort-en-Terre

02 97 43 48 91 / 06 33 99 09 94


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