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Freshwater Fishing

Rich in salmonids, mostly wild trout, the rivers and streams that crisscross the Questembert and Rochefort-en-Terre region – the Tohon, the Kervily, the Arz and the Trévelo – will delight fishing lovers.

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Freshwater fishing

Country of Questembert

The 1st category rivers : The Tohon, the Kervily, the Arz, the Trévelo (except on the lower part).

Species : trout, pike, perch, white fish and carp.

The 1st category ponds (one rod allowed):

  • The Célac pond in Questembert, with an area of 2 hectares, you will find white fish (roach, bream, rotengles) as well as perch and carp.
  • the pond of La Vraie Croix, with an area of 1 hectare has a good population of white fish (rotengles and roaches).
  • the pond of Larré, with an area of 1 hectare, it has a stand of white fish (mainly roach).

The 2nd category ponds: the pond of Moulin Neuf in Malansac/Rochefort-en-Terre (14 ha).

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Video produced by the Morbihan Federation for Fishing and Protection of the Aquatic Environment shot as part of the WebTV “J’irai pêcher en Bretagne”, a series of regional videos on freshwater recreational fishing.

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