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The power of flowers

As an association producing organic aromatic and medicinal plants in Muzillac, Ar Tizan invites you to discover its workshops with your family, friends or group. Set out to discover plants, learn how to use them in your daily life, and make the products you need with ease.

Florence Pédrono and Adeline Butin

Since 2014, their little hands have been busy sowing, planting, harvesting, drying and selling the produce. You will find them at markets and in the producer's stores during the permanences. For about ten years, they have learned to recognize, know and use plants. Today, they are still training (herbalist training, training on the culture and knowledge of plants), to enrich and restore their knowledge.

An association for the

promotion of useful plants

The association is “organic” by nature

Since April 2014, Florence and Adeline have been growing and harvesting medicinal plants, on nearly one hectare, in Muzillac in Morbihan, a stone’s throw from the Pen Mur pond. The plants grow at their own pace, without fertilizers or pesticides. The work is solely manual. All the seedlings, seeds and plants are organic or wild.

They only extract the benefits of plants, which they restore in herbal teas, oils and syrups. They wish to make you benefit from what plants offer us and which we need so much.

They concoct cosm’ethical products

Ar Tizan was born from friendships and common passions for plants. During 10 years, they learned to recognize, know and use them. Quickly they realized that plants had a lot to offer and could allow us to improve our daily life and health.

The objectives of the association

  • Promote useful plants.
  • Facilitate access to these plants, their use.
  • Awareness of the public to a mode of organic farming, in the respect of the plant.

Go to the discovery of plants and their uses.

The association Ar Tizan offers awareness workshops to the use and cultivation of plants, all year round , to individuals, in youth centers, businesses, schools…

Make your own products you need:

  • Create your healthy and organic cosmetics, zero waste
  • Learn how to use plants for everyday boo-boos
  • Easily make your own environmentally friendly cleaning products…

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The association's approach

“Originally, plants were part of our daily life. Today, they tend to disappear … It is up to everyone to learn to know them, recognize them and use them. It is from this observation that “Ar Tizan” was born, an association for the promotion of useful plants. We wish to make people benefit from what plants offer us and which we need so much.

Florence and Adeline

Practical side

Ar Tizan

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