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Feathers and Butterflies

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Priscille Vasse, nature animator, offers throughout the year workshops and walks around the themes of nature and recycling, and promotes eco-citizenship. Her goal is to raise awareness about the protection of nature by taking the time to observe it in order to better understand and respect it. Plumes et Papillons is aimed at all types of audiences.

Priscille Vasse

Priscille has been an animal caretaker for 10 years. She made a change in her life 5 years ago to meet other people in a nature education approach. She is very used to animal awareness workshops but also to training during different shows. It is quite naturally that she turned to a BPJEPS EEDD (Environmental Education for Sustainable Development) in 2015.

Education in

The environment

Awareness and education

for the protection of the environment

Admitted to the very selective Nicolas Hulot School for a season, she continues to work with young and old to transmit what she knows. After two new experiences in the field of animals and youth, she decided to launch her big project in June 2020: Feathers and Butterflies.

The chance of an encounter as often happens, pushes her to take the plunge. On the occasion of the event of the 500 Drums of the Country of Redon, she is brought to animate a workshop on the theme of the dream catcher. Meeting a great success and the participants wanting to repeat the experience, the little one germinates in her mind and then blooms Plumes et Papillons.

She is then part of a strong environmental approach as an Association of Education to the Environment. Priscille began by proposing occasional meetings around the discovery of fauna and flora: sensory walks, discoveries of woodland animals, rivers…

Nature animator

Priscille loves the creativity and curiosity that she develops through her work. Nature is for her an infinite field of possibilities where the meeting of the other can take place in harmony in the discovery of a place or a microcosm.

She offers throughout the year workshops and walks around the themes of nature and recycling, and promotes eco-citizenship.

Feathers and Butterflies is today an integral part of structures that wish to raise awareness of another way of evolving, in the respect of Nature. The structure has beautiful days ahead of it, Priscille Vasse is developing from an association status to a micro enterprise.

Why the name Feathers and Butterflies?

“I have always been fascinated by flight and all that is specific to height despite a certain vertigo. The texture of a bird’s feather brings an extraordinary softness. As for the butterflies, it made sense in their colors, their discretion. Not to mention the butterfly effect in which I believe a lot.

Priscille Vasse

Practical side

Feathers and Butterflies

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