Seeds and Wonders

Popular education workshops

Workshops around nature and crafts

The association Graines et Merveilles, in Molac, offers popular education workshops, around nature and crafts.

Julie Bertrand

She is a farmer and nature educator who works in favor of biodiversity and likes to weave links between being and doing, in the awareness of life cycles and the ecosystems that surround us.

Fun workshops

for the curious of nature

Awareness and education

Our philosophy: to seek and reappropriate the meaning and origin of what drives us.

The association welcomes you to a CPN (know and protect nature) club.
It also offers three times a year the Ronde des Saisons: aimed at young people from 8 to 14 years, this workshop offers, on a day or one of the activities focused on nature, crafts, body work, listening to emotions, working on trust and sharing.

The association offers various workshops

  • workshops of manual work, crafts (pottery, weaving, basketry, leather work, for parchment and assembly of instruments)
  • workshops of writing, reading, poetry,
  • activities of circus
  • themes around the fauna, flora

Workshops offered in autumn, spring and summer.

We also welcome you to our educational farm.

The association's approach

“Our philosophy: to seek and reclaim the meaning and origin of what drives us.

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