Equestrian leisure activities

Have a great time with your family and let your children discover the joy of riding a horse or a pony.


Equestrian farm

In Malansac, just next to Rochefort-en-Terre, “Équit’anime” welcomes your child (18 months to 8 years) where they will be able to learn how to ride a pony, but above all to enter their world.

Équit’anime offers playful workshops adapted to each child, this will allow them to create a bond of complicity with the pony. The philosophy of the place is not a frantic race for performance but fun and joy. The atmosphere is one of sharing and benevolence. The pony feels the emotions of its riders.
Selected for their good character and trained year-round, the Shetland ponies live in the pasture, surrounded by attention and the best care. They are listening, calm, respectful and happy to have people discover their worlds.

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Equestrian Center


Morbihan on horseback

Discover Morbihan on horseback all year round.Marked in orange and lined with equestrian accommodations, the Equibreizh offers the possibility of discovering the department at the rhythm of one’s horse.

Morbihan offers magnificent landscapes to equestrian hikers through its regional route.

The Equibreizh 56 will take you along the path of towpath, following the canal from Nantes to Brest, small towns of character, such as Rochefort-en-Terre, the Landes de Lanvaux, which will offer you magnificent viewpoints on the Arz Valley and many other landscapes.

You will also be able to discover four other of our communes which are La Vraie-Croix, Larré, Molac and St-Gravé.

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An equestrian city

The horse

A faithful companion of man and long confined to the sole utilitarian role, the horse represents individual sport among Men of all ages. It plays asoothing and sometimes therapeutic role withchildren, people with disabilities, and elderly, which is now fully recognized.
The horse, is federative in the image of the Questembert project, an equestrian city that aims to be interactive and evolutionary, open to all and a symbol of sustainable development with its social, environmental, andeconomic components.
The horse festival is the first illustration of this project.

As you have seen, several equestrian centers are present in the commune or in its surroundings and welcome many riders in different disciplines.
Numerous associations participate in this dynamic and some Questembertois riders distinguish themselves at the regional, and even national level.

Ulysse de la Grange

Questembert has a Breton draught mare that arrived on March 16 2017 to carry out a large number of technical tasks and personal transportation for the town hall.

The racecourse

of the resto

Located in the town of Questembert the racecourse of the resto hosts from May to August several events including4 annual meetings.
With its wooded environment, quality tracks and its sightseeing restaurant, it is a flagship racetrack in Morbihan.

The racecourse to opened in1887 in the quartier Nord, close to the train station.
there are 2 grass tracks15 m wide, 1 steeplechase track 1,175 m long and 1 trotting track 1,250 m long. There is also 1 pond with an area of 1 hectare and a children’s playground.

The shuttles


In Questembert, we go to the market by horse-drawn carriage!!
In summer, on the occasion of the Monday market in Questembert, the city sets up a horse-drawn shuttle linking the parking des Buttes to the city center (rue Jean-Grimaud).
This will allow you to get to the market in a fun and free way, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.