The Native Earth Hall

L’Halle Terre Native is a store of 28 local organic producers and 12 artists located at most 40 minutes from Questembert. In addition to local vegetables, fruits, breads, cakes, cheeses, meats, honeys, beverages …, the store has developed an ethical organic grocery to allow consumers to have a “Halle Terre Native” of consumption as complete as possible.

The Bulk


Bulk is featured with a nice range: pasta, semolina, legumes, dried fruit and cereal mixes. Twelve local artists exhibit their works (pottery, clothing, wooden toys…). L’Halle Terre Native is keen to ensure that producers are properly remunerated and that consumers benefit from an offer that is accessible to as many people as possible.

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The values

of the Native Earth Hall

Organic Agriculture

All products offered are AB certified. Some exceptions due to lack of certification on some products.

Respect for the environment

La Halle Terre Native does not use plastic bags and offers you a space at the entrance of the store and the distribution place to bring back jars, glass bottles as well as paper bags. These will be reused to package vegetables.

Local Economy

Relocalizing our consumption means relocalizing our jobs. Accessibility towards the greatest number of healthy and local products. The grocery store (cereals and flours, cleaning and household products) provides an alternative consumption on a wide range of products needed by each household.



Behind a local product, a family, a land, an agricultural practice, a traditional know-how and respectful human relations.

Social and cultural link

The Halle Terre Native is meant to be a pleasant place of encounters where human relations are privileged.