Tropical Park

Tropical Parc

Located 14km from Rochefort-en-Terre, in Saint-Jacut-les-Pins, Tropical Parc takes you on a journey around the world. On more than 4 hectares, this park is a breath of oxygen in the heart of the fauna and flora of the 5 continents. An unforgettable outing in Morbihan. Welcomed by an incredible tribe of macaws, multicolored parrots and cockatoos, you will go from surprises to discoveries.


An extraordinary garden

Who said traveling to multiple countries at once wasimpossible?

Tour du Tropical Parc en 2 min
Tour du Tropical Parc en 2 min
Tour du Tropical Parc en 2 min
Duration of the visit

3h minimum recommended as an open house





April through early November
Every day *

*Schedules vary by month

Lorike Tasting
Every day open at 4:30 pm

On site

1 Snack bar (galettes, pancakes, burgers, homemade fries)
Picnic area
A souvenir shop



Accessible to all

Accessible for strollers and PRM.





An exotic world

opens its doors to you