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L'Ile aux Pies

L’Ile aux Pies is a natural space, located a few minutes from Redon and about twenty minutes from Rochefort-en-Terre, in the center East of Brittany, between Vannes and Rennes. Between the unique landscapes and the different activities offered, the Ile aux Pies is perfect to have a good time, whether for the little ones or the older ones.

The Ile aux Pies allows you to make Vertical Escapades, with the Adventure Park that offers in addition to renting canoes for the most adventurous. And a play cabinet for the younger ones.


By the Canal

Iles aux Pies

L’Iles aux Pies

L’Ile aux Pies is an ideal place for walks near the Nantes to Brest canal and the Oust river. Accessible by two opposite banks, Bains sur Oust and Saint Vincent sur Oust. This site extends over 25km and along eight communes.

The Saint-Vincent-sur Oust side is known for having the most sensational activities, with rock climbing and canoeing. The Bain-sur Oust side is an area with a lot of greenery, which makes it easier to play with children, on a small playground.

The activities and landscapes are diverse and family friendly.

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Vertical Escapades

Adventure Park

The Adventure Park is located on the side of Saint-Vincent-sur Oust. The activities are varied between rock climbing, accrobranche and orienteering. It takes about 2 hours to do all the courses.

The site offers many courses, with age limits to be respected, as well as an orienteering race, where you have to find 20 beacons and an interactive treasure hunt on the fauna, flora and history of the site .

Minimum age is 5 years.

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Canoe rental

Canoes at Ile aux Pies

Also on the Saint-Vincent-sur-Oust side, Escapades Verticales offers canoe rentals. It is while navigating the waters of the shore of Saint-Vincent-sur-Oust, at Ile aux Pies, that one discovers magnificent and unique landscapes.

Knowing how to swim and being properly equipped (life jacket and proper attire) are essential to do this activity.

In addition to canoe rentals, the adventure park also offers kayak and paddle rentals. The kayak and canoe are rented for a minimum of 1 hour, half a day and a maximum of one day. For the paddle rental the rental is 1h or 2h.

Canoe rental

In the vicinity

The Games Cupboard

The Play Closet

An old riding arena has been transformed into a play closet at the Ménéhy Equestrian Farm on the riverbank side of Saint-Vincent-sur-Oust. This play closet is open for children ages 5 and up.

Between games of skill, oversized, balance, cooperation, speed, reflection, or even with more traditional games, there is something for everyone!”

The games are made in an artisanal way by recycling old wooden furniture. This activity appeals to young and old alike and is ideal in all weather.

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