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The Golden Flower 2018

for La Vraie-Croix

For many years, the commune of La Vraie-Croix has pursued a policy of maintaining natural environments, both in terms of the quality of public spaces and the recognition and transmission of know-how.

Confirmation of the label “4 flowers”

and obtaining the “Golden Flower”


In 2018, the commune was confirmed the label “4 flowers” and awarded the exceptional prize of the “Golden Flower 2018“. This distinction is a real consecration for the commune, the technical services and the many volunteers known as the “Bourboutes “. This trophy rewards the flowering, but also the quality of life and the management of green spaces in the respect of the environment.

This Vintage Trophy is valid for one year. La Vraie-Croix is one of the rare communes to be able to display a Golden Flower on its coat of arms. In 2018, only six in France hold it and only one in Brittany.

A remarkable flowering

in a country spirit


The flowering is exceptional, both in volume and inharmonious colors. This rich plant palette is well suited to its surroundings. Visitors discover the various gardens through an originalwander, punctuated by insects made by municipal services from recycled materials.

La Vraie-Croix is a commune where life is good. Manyparticipatory days are organized to maintain and flower the village. The “Bourboutes” come to the aid of the technical service for cuttings, potting the installation and maintenance, neighbors barter with each other for advice, plants and seeds. The social and intergenerational mix is remarkable.

Sustainable development

and biodiversity at the heart of the project


Recognized Agenda 21 since 2009, the commune of La Vraie Croix has been pursuing an ambitious sustainable development policy. All developments are designed according to the soil water management and the choice of plants. Numerous actions to protect nature and biodiversity: differentiated management of green spaces, eco-pasturing, reasoned management of water resources, mulching, apiary, recycling of green waste

Many nature awareness actions are carried out in parallel with the population and schools:

  • Cutting, pruning and grafting sessions
  • Informative panels on fauna and flora have been installed
  • The creation of a conservatory orchard by the collective “Graines & Jardins”
  • Creation of an insect hotel, a grain library
  • Partnership with the LPO (League for the Protection of Birds)

In the summer, guided tours are organized by the Tourist Office to discover the rich architectural heritage, the themed gardens as well as the legend to which La Vraie-Croix owes its name.

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