Naïa Museum

A fantastic and visionary museum

The Museum of Imaginary Arts

“There is nothing real about the place. There is like a scent of Jean Cocteau and the shadow of a Tim Burton. Or like Alice, lost in Lovecraft, having tea with Giger, aboard a ship out of Final Fantasy.”

Donovan Potin

A museum-gallery

Unique in Europe

Its history

Located in the park of the castle of Rochefort-en-Terre, a small town of character located in the Morbihan in Brittany, the Naïa Museum is a unique place in Europe. A private museum, it is also a gallery that offers works for sale.

In the fantastic and visionary universe of the Naïa are exhibited sculptures, paintings, digital works, kinetic works, photographs, videos, comics and illustrations…

Developing curiosity, making dream, providing emotions, inviting imagination and open-mindedness, this is the primary intention of the museum.

The founders

of the museum

An imaginary world

The Naïa Museum opened its doors in April 2015, following a meeting between the mayor of Rochefort-en-Terre and two artists,Manu Van H, painter-draughtswoman, and Patrice “Pit” Hubert, metal sculptor. When the municipality offered them the opportunity to set up shop in the premises occupied by the heritage museum until 2011, they created and co-directed this private museum.
For this entrepreneurial artist couple, the museum they imagined and fully implemented, has the vocation of arousing curiosity and emotions in its visitors, by presenting a selection of works of great aesthetic and artistic quality.

Manu and Patrice wish, through their artistic approach and the works of the exhibited artists (of which they are a part), to open consciousness to the other possible realities.

The medieval environment brought by the estate of the castle, the history of the place, the access to a part of the old underground of the fortress, the story of Naïa the witch… the atmosphere is ideal to embark the visitors in the universe of the arts of the imagination.

The playful pole

of the museum

The Escape Game is a great puzzle game that takes place within the museum itself and adapted to the place, it will allow you to discover this fantastic universe in a playful way.

Pandor’art experience

Naia the shaman was endowed with fabulous powers. She spoke all languages, could see the invisible, and could travel through dimensions. When she disappeared, she left behind a strange pyramid-shaped object, with this message: ‘anyone who would obtain my powers should first prove themselves worthy of them.’

The Crypt of Naia

You have just found the notebook of Titus, the museum’s former janitor, who recently disappeared. In it he hid a strange secret with the makings of a fantastic story, will you manage to continue his work and save the mysteriousRosa ?

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Le Pôle Ludique du Naia Museum
Le Pôle Ludique du Naia Museum
Le Pôle Ludique du Naia Museum
The store

of the Naïa Museum

A unique boutique

The Naia Museum has a boutique that reflects the museum. Here you can purchase jewelry, posters, cards, books and even unique and original artworks.

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