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Café de la Pente

Café de la Pente

The Café de la Pente is an associative café run by the Pot Commun in order to involve the population in the success and economic sustainability of the overall project. It is a place of meeting, exchange and information, a place where all generations and all socio-professional backgrounds meet.

A coffee


The Common Pot

The Common Pot was created in November 2003 on the initiative of a group of friends motivated to act together on their environment. Their objective is to redynamize the social and cultural link in Rochefort-en-terre and the surrounding area by privileging individual energies into a collective project.
The Common Pot inaugurates the Café de la Pente in March 2004 in which you can find a bar, concerts, conferences, exhibitions as well as an organic market on Friday nights.

The Common Pot and the Café de la Pente have an experimental framework in which it is possible to develop or host any form of initiative or collective practice that preserves or strengthens the social bond of solidarity. All of these activities are based on activevolunteering. Where everyone makes the contribution that it is possible for them to give.

A cultural place

Since its creation has been developed, in different spaces, this desire to generate a desire for culture through concerts, shows, exhibitions, debates, audiovisual screenings, storytelling and many other events. This cultural offer for Rochefort-en-Terre is defended both by commissions and by personal initiatives. The will of the association is to promote and support local, regional or touring artists in the region. It wants to favor access to shows and events through very affordable prices or free. This testifies to a real vitality of the cultural dimension of the association and a certain rating by many artists wishing to perform at the Café de la Pente.

In summer the Café de la Pente organizes Les Jeudis de la Pente, where every Thursday night there is a concert with something to eat and drink with good humor!!

Practical side

Le Café de la Pente

Open to the public: Thursday through Sunday from 6pm

9 Rue Vieux Bourg,
56220 Rochefort-en-Terre

02 97 43 40 11