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Les Digitales Cultural Center

Caden welcomes on its territory “Les Digitales”, a museographic space, an artistic creation space and a temporary exhibition room. This structure houses a museum of agricultural models made by Albert Sevestre and 2 rooms of creation which can welcome all types of artistic practices from the painter to the stonecutter. Demonstrations, initiations, workshops… Many animations take place throughout the season.

An atypical museographic circuit

The agriculture of yesterday and today

The Albert Sevestre Farming Model Museum

Located just 10 km from Rochefort-en-Terre “Small City of Character”, this space offers a cross-sectional look at agriculture of yesterday and today. Embark on a atypical museographic tour to discover the collection of miniature farming machines made by Albert Sevestre, a Cadenais farmer who was a fervent defender of local heritage. This museum retraces the life of the past in the countryside.

Add to this video reports that will allow you to confront the practices and issues of the past with those of contemporary agriculture. Breeding, farming, life on the farm… the agricultural world and its daily life will no longer hold any secrets for you! All public – Free admission.

“The pride for me is that I’ve managed to build and operate all the equipment I once used. This is what makes me happy, this is my passion, this is my life!”

Albert Sevestre
Exhibition and creation spaces

Manual and plastic arts

Various exhibitions

Each year, manual and plastic arts are honored thanks to numerous exhibitions by professional artists: paintings, sculptures, photographs, original illustrations…

Various animations accompany these exhibition times:

  • discovery workshops
  • shows, concerts, storytelling
  • meetings and exchange times with the artists…

Free admission. Art is within reach of everyone!

Two creative rooms

They are available free of charge to individuals, associations and artists who are looking for a place to practice their activity (painting, sculpture, engraving, drawing and other manual arts). If you are looking for a room to create, initiate… do not hesitate to contact Yannick Gargam, cultural mediator of the place.

Practical side

Les Digitales Cultural Center


9bis rue de la mairie
56220, CADEN

02 97 67 14 59