A commune of 1300 inhabitants, Limerzel covers about 2500 ha composed of 1500 ha of cultivated land and 800 ha of woods and moors. Limerzel is located in the east of Morbihan, in South Brittany, on the Questembert-Redon axis. The varied landscapes of Limerzel will delight nature lovers…

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History and heritage

His origins

“Place of martyrs” is the French translation of Limerzel, which was discovered as early as 1272 under the name Hismerzer. This name of Breton origin will successively become Himerzel, Lismerzel and finally Limerzel.

His monuments

Take the time to discover its secrets, the heritage of several centuries of rural life. You can admire, the church Saint-Sixte, of imposing size, it was entirely rebuilt in neo-Gothic style at the end of the nineteenth century, its beautiful lantern bell tower replica of that of St Thégonnec in Finistère, the former court signaled by a justice medallion, the chapel St-Clair and its fountain whose water would have beneficial properties for the eyes, the chapels St-Louis and St-Julien…

Traditional songs

Did you know that there is a song on Limerzel! Many singers of old and traditional songs have included it in their repertoires with versions that sometimes may differ, you can listen on Youtube an interpretation of the song.

La Grignonne

An emblematic character

Jeanne Goupil known as “La Grignonne” was born on September 9, 1690, at the beginning of the 18th century she was revered by the parishioners. At the age of 15, she married Joseph Grignon, a doctor in La Garenne, a village located in the North-East of the town. As the mother of 8 children, Jeanne Goupil acquired medical knowledge that she used with talent to heal the wounded and soothe the suffering. Her extraordinary results caused people to come from all over to benefit from her care and to share her great religious fervor.

She died in the odor of sanctity on September 30, 1770. Her tombstone is located in the church (to the left of the transept) in the same place where she attended services in the old church. People still come here to present young children who are slow to walk or to relieve joint pain.

The St Clair chapel

and its miraculous fountain

From Rome, Saint-Clair was sent as a missionary to Armorica. He first established himself in Nantes, of which he became the 1st bishop, but at the same time he extended his field of action to the surrounding countryside. That is how we saw him in Plessé, Guenrouët, Guémené-Penfao… However, he soon set his sights on the country of the Venetes. After a stop in the Guérande peninsula, he reached Limerzel.

Here he made a fountain spring up near the village of Kervilliers and began to preach the gospel, accompanying his preaching with many miracles including the one of restoring the sight to the blind who will wet their eyes with the water of his fountain. After Limerzel, it was Vannes and its region that benefited from his visit. Its fame is constantly growing. As early as the 14th century, the parish of Limerzel, grateful, built a chapel for her 200m from the fountain…

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In the middle of nature

Hiking routes

With 800 ha of woods and moors, but also cultivated land, Limerzel offers a varied landscape suitable for hiking. Whether on foot for the Chemin de la Vallée de Trévelo (11 km),

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or by mountain bike with the circuit des Templiers (28 km), hikers will enjoy discovering superb panoramas over the Pinieux valley.

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