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The Tourist Office of Rochefort-en-Terre, Questembert and the reception point of Moulin Neuf Aventure allow us to be able to inform and disseminate various information on events, catering, markets…
With social networks, we touch more, we share with people coming from all over France and elsewhere.
More than 11 K people follow us just on the Facebook of the Office. 11 K people likely to see our posts, share them and participate; creating a huge impact on tourism development here and can help you develop your wildest projects.

You can find our profiles on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, in addition to our websites. We promote our partners and events happening in our territory.

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Computer, portable tablet; each person looking for information about you or an event will find its answer on our supports!!
To make the communication as good as possible, offer more than the demand.
The purpose of a Tourist Office is to inform people and offer them the necessary elements so that they have a good stay and find what they are looking for.

It is possible to find all our current offers, to be able to book online the activities of the Moulin Neuf Aventure or our guided tours.

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Through our different types of social networks, we reach more types of people such as the one who can’t travel to our locations or those who just prefer to do their research from their couch.

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