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Rochefort-en-Terre and reduced mobility

the municipality innovates.

Rochefort-en-Terre, the most beautiful village in France 2016, is an atypical village. The roads are narrow and entirely paved, so it was difficult for people with reduced mobility to walk through the streets…

Decisions were therefore made to make the town accessible to all and in the best possible conditions.



the first municipality equipped

From now on, it will be possible for you to visit Rochefort-en-Terre in a classic or electric wheelchair. This device has been set up thanks to the Mayor of Rochefort-en-Terre, Stéphane Combeau, the elected officials, and the association Handihelp 56.People wishing to visit Rochefort-en-Terre and suffering from a disability will be able to borrow free of charge, upon request, the chairs, at the Mayor’s Office or at the Tourist Office.


We had visited the municipality in a wheelchair and the need for adapted equipment was obvious. We cannot modify the streets. So we have to adapt to them and this equipment will help us.

Stéphane Combeau, Mayor of Rochefort-en-terre

Accessibility for all

Friday, October 8, 2021, Yann Jondot, accessibility ambassador, came to Rochefort-en-Terre with a very nice gift for the city.

He delivered, himself, walkers, traditional wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, and an electric scooter so that the visit to the city would be accessible to all.

The equipment comes from the association Handihelp 56 created by Gilles Mobré, which recovers used equipment and renovates it to give it to people who need it.

Handihelp 56 recovers PRM equipment

The donation of equipment given to Rochefort-en-Terre was made possible thanks to the help of the association Handihelp 56.

His president Gilles Mobré, recovers the chairs, beds…in waste disposal centers or from individuals before restoring them.

Thank you to them for their generosity, which will allow a large number of people with reduced mobility to be able to visit this beautiful village that is Rochefort-en-Terre in a more serene manner…

More info on Handihelp56


Wheelchairs and walkers are available at the Mairie de Rochefort-en-Terre and at the Office de Tourisme.


1 Pl. des Halles, Rochefort-en-Terre

02 97 43 32 81


Office de tourisme

3 Pl. des Halles, Rochefort-en-Terre

02 97 26 56 00