The Naïa Museum

A fantastic experience

The Naia museum, a unique museum in Europe with talented artists. An extraordinary universe that will make more than one dream!

A unique place

We had heard a lot about this out-of-the-ordinary museum.

So we decided, to go and visit it with our family. This beautiful museum is located in the park of the Château de Rochefort-en-Terre, in the former workshop of Alfred Klots, former owner of the place.

The Naïa Museum is a fantastic and visionary museum, where sculptures, paintings, digital works, kinetic works, photographs, videos, comics and illustrations are exhibited…

The works

This museum will conquerthe whole family, young and old.

You will be able to visit several rooms as well as the crypt, under the museum, and the garden, with sculptures and paintings of all kinds, each more beautiful than the last.

The particularity of this museum-gallery is the original works that cannot be found anywhere else! These works allow us visitors to develop our curiosity, make us dream and invite us to imagination.

Fun at the museum

During our visit to the museum, we took the time to visit the museum, and then we did an Escape Game.

The Naïa Museum offers 2 of them “Pandor’art Experience” and “La Crypte de Naïa”. Our children being fans of‘Escape Game we did“La Crypte de Naïa”.

The whole family enjoyed it. This game is very well done and very fun. We will definitely be back to do the 2nd one…