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Idea for a stayA weekend in winter

A weekend in winter

You would like to spend a weekend in the Morbihan, in Rochefort-en-Terre and its surroundings? But you wonder what you can do in our region during winter time? Fortunately, we have prepared this idea especially for you!


To start your day we offer a Escape game, a way to stay warm while having fun!
For what’s next, you can discover the Naia Museum, this museum opens its doors to the Arts of Imagination, a unique place in Europe where you can discover artists from all over the world.
To make your evening even more fiery, let yourself be tempted by the Illuminations of Rochefort-en-Terre.
The wilted flowers of the summer season give way to these star-like lights, transporting you to the magical world of Christmas.
Don’t worry about getting cold, even though we recommend your best scarf, hot wine and other treats will help warm you up, no doubt about it!


For your Sunday, take a short trip to the side of La Gacilly with the immersive Yves Rocher museum, you can also enjoy the festivities that take place there during the day.
Take advantage of a stop on your way to stroll along the Nantes to Brest Canal and enjoy the crisp winter air, with the lock circuit in St-Gravé.

Unfortunately it’s already time to pack your bags, but don’t worry, you’ll still be welcome!