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Witches' tales

Guided tours for groups and individuals

The vocation of Histoires de Sorcières

is to allow us to see beyond the fantastic image of the Witch and to understand what led, at a given moment, a population to burn its own. To propose conferences and guided tours in order to deconstruct the fantastic image of the Witch to better understand her. Crossing different Histories allows to achieve this and to understand it through various eras.
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Justine - Witches' tales

Historian of witchcraft and specialist in witchcraft in Brittany.
I have a Bachelor's degree in Tour Guide and a Master's degree in Research, Renaissance Cultures and Heritages.

Live a unique experience

in Rochefort-en-Terre

Tours for groups

Witch Stories is above all a human adventure. That of talking about women and men who went to the stake because their fellow citizens thought they were evil.

Provide a guided tour that allows you to see further, to deconstruct the fantastic image of the Witch in order to better understand her. Also offer a legendary tour of Rochefort-en-Terre to not simply stick to the most well-known monuments, but highlight those off the beaten path.

Discover the village in a different way based on tales, legends, and little stories.

Discovery of witches

from here and elsewhere

Guided tours

Two tours limited to 30 people for groups and 20 people for individuals.
– The Bewitching Tour: a guided tour through the Park of the Castle of Rochefort-en-Terre. Photographed in 1898 by Charles Géniaux, no one knows what became of her. He called her a “witch” and said she had certain powers… Are they real? Did Naïa exist?
– The Legendary Visit: a guided tour through the byways of Rochefort-en-Terre through the prism of tales and legends. The stones hide stories and tales… Dragons, witches and crows will be there with a fun option, to discover the village differently!

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